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We believe that salon owners and stylists should focus on their craft, not building a world-class account and tax department. So we have created one just for you.

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Salon ProTax

Most CPAs and tax accountants only record history, telling you how much to pay to the IRS and state. We are different. We dont just put the right number in the right box and file it by the right date – we help you create the maximize net after-tax cash with Salon ProActive Tax Services.

Salon Payroll Insights

What is more important than properly managing your #1 cost in your business – your staff. So many owners comment that there just doesn’t seem to be enough left over, then we look at this benchmark…

Salon ProfitPoints Financials

Do you know what your six most critical expense benchmarks are? Do you track them with precision to make sure you are getting every profit point available? Do you have a color of money system to know where to spend more of your time? We do – that is how each salon with partner with continues to grow.

Salon of the Future™

All of our services were built to integrate together for a salon/spa’s growing financial needs. We know what intelligent financial information is needed to grow your financial business and become a Salon of the Future™.

2017 Tax Savings Opportunity

The best time to make a big impact to your taxes is before your next quarterly estimated tax is due! Lets setup a strategy session to see how much we can help you stop wasting in tax payments!








Time is Money. We save you Both.

125 Hours Per Month, this is the average amount of time we save our clients each year so they can focus on running their business.

Get connected. Experience the difference of working exclusively with salon/spa financial professionals. Let us know your name and address so we can send you the details!

Accounting Answers

Do you have nagging financial questions each and every month that you can’t get answered? Are there parts of your P&L or profit that you would like to improve, but don’t know how? Would you like better clarity about how much you owe in taxes in the middle of the year, instead of at the end of the year with a big tax bill? We have taken these complex questions and created systems to give you simple accounting answers.

Advanced Changes

Each salon/spa is trying to reach a customized destination: growth of 15% this year, retire in 5 years, add a creative director, increase owner pay by $50k this year, etc. We’re working towards YOUR goals.

We know what it takes to get you from where you are now to where you want to go – both in the short-term and for your eventual exit strategy. You just need to let us know how fast you want to get there!

Straightforward Flat-fee Pricing

We were founded as a firm of the future representing a flat-fee pricing structure for our complete services. Who wants to be changed for asking a question or for requesting an extra report or analysis? Know your investment up-front.

Also, The days of only calling your accountant are fading…we give our partners access to text our cell phones anytime. Imagine always getting access when you need it.

BOOST Cash Flow Weekly

Complete Cash Flow Updates Weekly – sounds simple, but we invest hours every week making sure we are reporting a complete and accurate snapshot of your growing business. This action, combined with our other services, can drastically increase your cash flow. Think of the stress that is relieved when you have a partner monitoring your cash flow weekly.

Time is Money. We save you Both.

$20,000 Per Year, this is the average amount of money we save our clients each year that can go back into their business or family.

Get connected. Experience the difference of working exclusively with salon/spa financial professionals. Let us know your name and address so we can send you the details!

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